Some weekend links / 10.07.10

A handful of links for your Saturday afternoon.

He was found by the bins of a Burger King restaurant, with no clothes, no memories, nothing. Six years on, Benjaman Kyle is no nearer to answering the question that haunts him: who am I?

The Guardian has the story of Benjaman Kyle, a man who has no memory of his life prior to being found naked behind a Burger King.

Well, folks. Brian Cowen, Prime Minister of Ireland and leader of the right-of-center Fianna Fail party, chose (c). He earns €228,000 a year and tops the ranks of the best paid leaders in Europe. The Irish parliament closes Friday, Cowen will take some time at his mobile home in Aillebrack Caravan Park in the west of Ireland in August and parliament will reconvene on September 29th.

The Wall Street Journal are less than impressed by the Dail’s summer recess. (via Mark Little)

And finally, its Double Rainbow man. This is just delightful.

(Of course, there is a remix already)