Pronunciation: TYAIR-ree ahn-REE

Ireland’s greatest foe since Cromwell, comedy sports panto villain, Best Player Ever To Have Played In The Premiership(tm) and All-Round Arsenal Legend, Thierry Henry, has signed a contract with US Major League Soccer side New York Red Bulls. Henry becomes one of their Designated Players, which I think means he either gets to get paid crazy money outside of their League-imposed wage structure, or he gets to drive the team bus when they’ve all had a few too many Red Bull & Vodkas.

To help fans with his arrival, the club helpfully supply a pronunciation guide on their website. It’s TYAIR-ree ahn-REE. I wish Arsenal had of done this years ago to help the ITV pundits, who seem hell bent on mispronouncing foreign players names as if its an affront to their Englishness.

Delightfully his first game for the Red Bulls is against the old enemy, Tottenham Hotspur. Here’s hoping he scores 9 goals. With his hands. etc. etc.

(Photo swiped from the New York Times. I had to make sure Red Bulls were an actual football squad and not a cycling team based on that jersey)