How I Got Over

The new album from The Roots “How I Got Over” is out, and its very good. A noticeable shift in mood from their previous two sees the crew at least sonically soften things up. “Game Theory” and “Rising Down” were hard albums, recorded during the Bush era, and “How I Got Over” reflects the bands feelings post-Obama. Which isn’t too say its all happy-clappy, there is still a distinct feeling of melancholy running through the 12 tracks, but theres definitely a feeling of hope expressed in songs like “The Day”, “Right On” and “The Fire”. The despair of the Bush-era is gone (almost), and this is also reflected in the production which harks back to their earlier jazzier roots, and less of the Public Enemy-like sounds of their previous two efforts. That said, one of the strongest cuts is the raw futuristic rhymefest that is “Web 20/20”.

Here are two songs from it, the first is probably my (current) favourite on the album, the John Legend featuring “The Fire”

And the title track (with video) “How I Got Over”

Definitely worth checking out.