Friday Links / 30.07.10

In the absence of an actual blog post (although I may write a blog post about not writing another blog post), here are some links.

Inspired by this post on Zen Habits, I cleared out my laptop this week. Next to tackle my wardrobe…

This man and his company make tiny houses. Watch this video of one. They are awesome (via Laughing Squid)

If you like typefaces like (and you should) check out 8 Faces, a new magazine dedicated to such matter.

Why did no one tell me there was a new Tron Legacy trailer? Huh?

Giles Coren offers advice to a man who wants to give up smoking:

You’ve disappeared up an evolutionary blind alley and we’ll manage very well without you.

If you want to drag out your habit against the trend until your lungs shrivel up and go black and your tongue falls out then that’s fine with me. It’s a free country, people are allowed to kill themselves any way they like. Suicide has been legal in Britain since 1961.

The daily torment that is my desire for an iPad vs my desire not to spend money continues unabated. This video demoing Flipboard, a new app that creates a digital magazine out of the stuff your friends link to, looks mega, but does not help my predicament. It’s a tough life.

(Sidenote: Did you notice the music in that video is a live jazz version of ‘Flim’ by Aphex Twin?)

By the way, that Flipboard video features Adam Lisagor, who is featured in a great interview here. Adam also contributes to my new favourite podcast – You Look Nice Today. Which you should listen to. Today.

Finally, if you are reading this blog there is a high chance you played text adventures as a kid. Don’t lie. “Get Lamp” is a documentary about them. Looks interesting.

I’m going to try to write next week. I swear.