Things I Learned This Week

So, rather than preparing to jet off on a holiday of a lifetime to Japan, this week I am nursing an ankle injury that will prevent said holiday. 2 years of meditation and reading untold amounts of books about non-attachment and the likes are furiously being put to the test to quell my rage. Alas, it’ll be ok. Japan isn’t going anywhere. I think.

As I’ve sat here, immobile, taking in copious amounts of World Cup and Wimbledon, I’ve learned a number of important lessons:

  1. Get Travel Insurance
  2. R.I.C.E.
  3. Japanese people are impossibly polite about hotel cancellations.

In between the sports and the seering pain, I have also discovered a number of fascinating things:

I have also reacquainted myself with the adventures of Bergerac, and discovered the health-promoting neon lunacy that is Children’s TV favourite LazyTown.