Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten

I don’t really see the hoo-haa about today at 10:10am being 10:10 10/10/10, I guess it’s mildly interesting. However, on Twitter @redmum set up an interesting project. She asked people to take a pic at that particular time, then post it with the hash-tag #10101010pic. I love ideas like this.

I grabbed my phone (my proper camera is missing, presumed lost :( ) and strolled out the door. I was walking down towards the beach to get your typical landscape horizon shot, when I saw something much more interesting. So here’s mine:

You can follow the others here.

Update: Redmum has collated all the shots into one post.

While I was down the beach I witnessed something I hadn’t noticed before. The tide is way out (Dundalk bay is one of those spots where the tide retreats very far out and comes back in twice a day), but due to the blustery conditions I could hear this awesome roar of waves crashing way out at the horizon. Amazing sound. Kind of spooky.

Anyway, in the absence of a proper post, that’s your lot. (I swear, I am writing…i am!)