Plan Bee

Humankind was shocked this week to find out that bees, not content with terrorizing our lives with the menace of spoiling a Summer’s picnic with a single sting, are in fact tiny geniuses. According to The Guardian

Bees can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days, research has shown.

So, whilst we have sat here worrying about the day when our calculator would take over the nuclear defense systems and turn us into organic batteries, we didn’t notice that bumble bee was all the while working out complex mathematical problems. This of course means they plan to enslave us.

But fear not, because serendipitously just as we found out that bees had the potential to defeat us at Countdown, the human boffins have come up with a weapon to foil their plans. A tiny catapult that fires tiny pies at them. Yes, really. Don’t believe me? Check out this video: (via kottke)

Your move, bees.