Wake Up! [A Blog post in Three Acts]

Act One:

From The Irish Times:

THE PUBLICATION of the National Recovery Plan has coincided with a dawning of political reality across the political spectrum. Whatever manoeuvring takes place over the next two weeks, the budget, however unpalatable it is, will be passed by the Dáil on December 7th because the country has no other option.

From The Journal.ie

THE DEPARTMENT OF Finance has acknowledged that EU/IMF has power to seek changes to the four-year plan during negotiations.

Act Two:

From ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein and Alfonso Cuaron

“Friedman understood that just as prisoners are softened up for interrogation by the shock of their capture; massive disasters could serve to soften us up for his radical free market crusade. He advised politicians that immediately after a crisis they should push through all the painful policies at once, before people could regain their footing. He called this method ‘Economic Shock Treatment'”

Alan Watts:

At anytime the world is full of threats, mostly from other people. And there are monsters. There are all sorts of things that scare you, but beyond every monster is death. Dissolution is the end of it all.

And by and large the art of government is to fill that void beyond death with threats of a rather unspecified nature, so that we can rule people by saying if you don’t do as I tell you, i’ll kill you. Or you’ll kill yourself. And so long as we can be scared of that, and so long as we can be made to think of death as a bad thing we can be ruled.

Act Three:

John Legend & The Roots cover The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”