Snow Links // 02.12.10

These past few days have seen easily the most snow I’ve seen in my life. Which isn’t saying much, as I haven’t seen much, but still. It was alot of snow. Here are some entirely unrelated things and links i’ve picked up the past few days.

Kevin Bacon is the world’s biggest Kevin Bacon fan:

Kube put me on to this, the work of Sean Dunne, a documentary film maker. On his vimeo you can watch his shorts. I highly recommend all of them. I love these kind of things; very beautifully shot, but simple portraits of interesting characters.

In a similar vein, I discovered the work of Skatistan, a charity that runs a skate-park in Kabul, Afghanistan. They made a wonderful short film to promote their cause. It worked so much, I’m making a family member donate my Christmas present cash to them. Cause, you know, I’m just so bloody brilliant, yah?

If you use a Mac and read lots of blogs, then I highly recommend Reeder for Mac, easily the best RSS reader i’ve use yet. And I’ve used three!

A Personal Appeal from the Outlaw Josey Wales

Finally, via Adam, a Dubstep remix of The Snowman. Yes!