Let the ruling classes tremble

With dramatic language evoking the opening lines of The Communist Manifesto, the Sunday Independent abandoned all objectivity when reporting on recent voter polls from Ireland suggesting a possible coalition between the Labour Party and Sinn Fein.

THE spectre of a Labour and Sinn Fein-led government, with the support of independent socialist TDs, is now uncomfortably close to reality, according to the latest analysis of voting intentions.

Now, no one is in any doubt of the Sunday Independent’s position in relation to leftist politics (They were the cheer leaders of the property bubble), but surely this is a bit loaded for a front page article?

It does make me laugh to think of the staff at the Sindo terrified that a bunch of bearded Commies are coming to take over the country.

Frankly, I think its exactly the kind of thing we need. I mean look at Hugo Chavez, he just blamed capitalism for flooding. If we could get a leader that would blame capitalism for our economy would be a start.