Help fund a new documentary about Alan Watts

Any regular readers of this blog will know one of my favourite writers and one of the chief influences on my outlook on life is Alan Watts. Although he died in 1973, he has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years via the web. I believe his work and his ideas are more vital now than ever.

Chris Britt and Alan’s son Mark Watts are trying to get funding to produce a documentary about Alan, his life and his work called “In The Way”. I’ve always thought Watts, who was a colourful and controversial figure, would make an excellent subject for a documentary. Not only would his life alone make a fascinating story, but it would serve as a great platform for his ideas to reach a new audience.

They are using Kickstarter to raise funds. Kickstarter is a service where people can ‘crowd-source’ funding for projects; if they don’t make their target, backers get their money back. They’ve set themselves the task of raising $50,000 by April 27. I really hope they make it. To promote it, they have a Kickstarter page, and have made this short trailer

“In The Way” Kickstarter page
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