In and Out

Fellow Dundalk man Dougie has a great blog at Brand New Retro where he is scanning and posting some old school fan-zines. So far we have been treated to such delights as “Too Late” and its follow up, the one-issue wonder “Jump“, which among its content was this amazing “In and Out” list (click for larger).

What a wonderful portal into the mind set of the 1984 Dundalk youths mind. This was a time when Channel 4 was ‘in’ and not the cesspit of property porn and human freak shows it is now. Amazingly, “video jukeboxes” were OUT in 1984 (This torpedoes my long held belief that I invented them one summer before I saw them appear in pubs and clubs around the town) I’m glad to see that getting into Oriel Park for free at half-time was out then, as it is now, but I have to question the claim that saying “Any crack” is out. That’ll never go out. Unless, and this was Dundalk in the 80s we should remember, it was referring to literally enquiring about the availability of crack cocaine.

I really look forward to the other gems Dougie can unearth.