Been a bit busy of recent, so writing is a bit slow, but I have a few things percolating I hope to get out when things calm down in my life. In the mean time, I came across this xkcd I had never seen before this week which is now one of my favourites ever (and triggered an amazingly coincidental incident which has got me thinking about the nature of coincidence and/or fate – a post to follow [hopefully])

Anyhow, enjoy. And remember, Fuck. This. Shit.

Currency and Coffee

Continuing a theme I like, that money is not wealth, the Malaysian Prime Minister, in between making some harsh (but fair) comments about Europe’s economy, observes:

“Currency is not a commodity”, he says.

“You sell coffee. Coffee… can be ground and made into a cup of coffee.

“But currency, you cannot grind it and make it into anything. It is just figures in the books of the banks and you can trade with figures in the books of banks only.

“There must be something solid to trade, then you can legitimately make money.”

via The BBC

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