Nobody puts the weeds there

The peerless Boards of Canada have released their brilliant new album “Tomorrow’s Harvest” and have done some rare press interviews to shed some light on their creative process. I especially love this quote, which evokes a strong sense of wabi-sabi

I think the digital world suffers from being just so literal, so deliberate and sober. As with digital photography, people have gotten used to applying simulated filters onto their pictures just to inject a bit of romance into the thing, because the raw pictures are so flat. But in the analog realm these beautiful things just happen by themselves without your conscious effort. You could say the wobbles and flutters in our music are equivalent to something like weeds overgrowing an old building. Nobody puts the weeds there, but nature comes along and makes the scene very tragic and beautiful.

The Brothers Who Make Electronica By Hand

“Tomorrow’s Harvest” is an amazing album. As the brothers say, it is best enjoyed alone, with headphones so you can explore its dense, rich, dark,but hopeful world.