Spontaneous Society

My favorite neuroeconomist, Paul Zak, has shown that acts of altruism can flood your system with a happy hormone known as oxytocin.” Montgomery asks us to “help little old ladies cross the street,” to “merge politely in traffic,” and to “open doors for people,” all for the sake of feeling and passing on “the buzz.”

I really like this. Listen to audio of artist/poet Jon Cotner wandering about talking to people and being nice to them. I could listen to this all day. Read more about it here.

We’re at a tough spot right now—environmentally, economically, you name it. Anger and fear are pervasive. One way to address these widespread problems is by addressing each other with kindness in the mundane world. This much is up to us. Spontaneous Society provides a communication primer: a lesson in affectionate discourse bridging races, ages, classes; a reminder that the present, barring violence, is to be celebrated before it vanishes into nothingness.