The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology

I saw the new Slavoj Žižek movie “The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology” last night, directed by Sophie Fiennes, wherein the Marxist-Lacanian-cultural-critic-slash-philosopher uses film as a medium to explain how ideology works, citing examples such as Titanic, The Dark Knight, Jaws and They Live, along with more direct examples such as Triumph of the Will and The Fall of Berlin. I quite enjoy Žižek’s stuff for the most part (when I can understand it) and TPGTI is pretty good. It’s a bit long and he tries to cram way too much in, so you find yourself agreeing, and nodding along, but he’s already on to another point and it can be hard to keep up. It’s not really his failing – its what he does – but the editor’s really. You could have chopped half an hour off (or made two films) and really concentrated on a few aspects of ideology. Still it’s pretty fun and thought provoking, it does a nice trick (as also found in it’s predecessor “The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema” where Žižek is inserted into the sets of the clips he is showing that elicits a few laughs from the audience and I found it pretty hard to disagree with his stance.