insignificance is liberating.

I understand that people, melodramatically, may consider life something one has to survive. But you’re alive, that’s what life is, you are surviving. It plays into this idea that people’s lives are narratives – that it’s a film or book and you have to survive all this craziness. I think it’s a disservice, ultimately, because it makes others feel like their lives aren’t crazy enough. In my mind, life is not a war – although human beings create conditions that make it feel that way – and I think that navigation is a fairer term. I see life essentially as an empty field.

This recent Ian Mackaye interview speaks so much to me I don’t know where to begin quoting. It’s wall to wall wisdom. It has the feeling of a Dharma talk – much of what Ian says vibes with my own thoughts as influenced by Buddhism.

We only wake up for a limited number of days. Although, ironically, I would say life is eternal, because I don’t think there’s any comprehension before or after it. So, if all we know is this, then it’s eternal.

He touches on success, life and technology…. Very much worth your time reading.

You Are Listening To

This is my new favourite thing. Came across this the other day on Twitter or Tumblr. You Are Listening To Los Angeles mixes live police radio with ambient music, the result is a fascinating experience, sometimes sinister, sometimes something else completely. Good interview with the creator here.

I love ideas like this – such a simple concept, done so well, using various APIs to create something really unique.

Check it out, You Are Listening To


Been a bit busy of recent, so writing is a bit slow, but I have a few things percolating I hope to get out when things calm down in my life. In the mean time, I came across this xkcd I had never seen before this week which is now one of my favourites ever (and triggered an amazingly coincidental incident which has got me thinking about the nature of coincidence and/or fate – a post to follow [hopefully])

Anyhow, enjoy. And remember, Fuck. This. Shit.

Robert Anton Wilson week on Boing Boing

Over on Boing Boing they are running a week of posts celebrating the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson. RAW is one of my favourite writers and thinkers. For some reason I don’t tend to reference him much on here – something I should rectify, but he’s one of those people who really broadened my mind and challenges my preconceptions, and has been highly influential to me. This clip below sums up the kinds of thing that Bob weaved together (Quantum Mechanics, belief systems, “the map is not the territory”, naive realism, religion, Zen Buddhism, the I Ching, skepticism and more…)

Boing Boing’s posts can be followed here.

A feature length documentary “Maybe Logic” about Robert Anton Wilson, can be found online too:

In and Out

Fellow Dundalk man Dougie has a great blog at Brand New Retro where he is scanning and posting some old school fan-zines. So far we have been treated to such delights as “Too Late” and its follow up, the one-issue wonder “Jump“, which among its content was this amazing “In and Out” list (click for larger).

What a wonderful portal into the mind set of the 1984 Dundalk youths mind. This was a time when Channel 4 was ‘in’ and not the cesspit of property porn and human freak shows it is now. Amazingly, “video jukeboxes” were OUT in 1984 (This torpedoes my long held belief that I invented them one summer before I saw them appear in pubs and clubs around the town) I’m glad to see that getting into Oriel Park for free at half-time was out then, as it is now, but I have to question the claim that saying “Any crack” is out. That’ll never go out. Unless, and this was Dundalk in the 80s we should remember, it was referring to literally enquiring about the availability of crack cocaine.

I really look forward to the other gems Dougie can unearth.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

Came across this interesting site via @eoghanmccabe on Twitter.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes invites you to do just that. It times you to see if you can just sit there and enjoy the sounds of waves for 120 seconds. And that’s it! I really like it, such a simple, well executed idea. As I said on Twitter, it could be a nice first taste of the world of meditation for some people, or at the least it could be used a nice daily time-out from the sea of windows and blinking apps. Interestingly, its from the guy who a few years ago did that Million Dollar Homepage idea.

I really must write a blog post about my meditation practice soon….